Mashuq Omar Ahmadi Trading Co.Ltd

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable


  • As our name suggests, at Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Company, our vision is to supply every one of our customers with the freshest, highest quality fruit and vegetables.
  • Add to this our desire to supply you and your customer’s delicious foods at a price that is as terrific as the taste.
  • To become international exporter and to supply Fresh Fruit and Vegetables retail and wholesalers worldwide.
  • To improve competitive with a focus on quality and efficiency.
  • Work continuously to improve performance and work with global companies.
  • Building Human Resource that can work and grow with the company.
  • Creating a dynamic, peaceful and prosperous working environment
  • We achieve our quality through a rigorous selection of farms and partner suppliers who share our vision of affordable quality, as well as our insistence on operating a short supply chain; a dedicated and  ultra-efficient logistics system, and a brand new, state-of-the-art storage facility that underscores our commitment to fast, fresh delivery.
  • At Fresh Fruits, we deliver a whole world of freshness—no matter who, or where you are.